About New Media Leaders

New Media Leaders got its start as a networking event in the summer of 2011. I wanted to put together an organization where people in the marketing, advertising, tech and media fields could get together once in a while.

It eventually became a blog where some of us started sharing our bigger vision ideas about life on the Internet, specifically the new Internet.

About a year ago, during a #geniuslunch up in Chapel Hill with 4 friends, we stumbled upon a great idea. Between us, we had a ton of experience, know-how and connections in almost all of the major Internet marketing niches. It began as a grain of an idea that day.

Over a four hour lunch we came up with the concept of digital hellfighters. We make ourselves available as Internet marketers for hire when a fire breaks out during your watch.

We are very good at what we do. In fact, we love the challenge of helping out in situations where others have failed or where you feel like the whole situation is “on fire”. We are not just doers, we are teachers. We want to make you better so that you never have to call us again during a crisis.

How we are different

New Media Leaders will only work when we know we can be successful within three months. Successful meaning whatever we agree to at the beginning of the engagement. For those three months you will get some of the most accomplished people in the world focused on your brand, helping your team and putting their reputation on the line. We have no associates, no junior members.

Th goal is to cap your specific oil well fire. Fast.

Paying for performance

There’s no reason to pay hourly for a long-term engagement, because all you really care about is where you are when the campaign finishes. Did it hit the success metrics or not?

We want the same thing.

There is always a chance that at the end of three months we’re still at the 20 yard line, in a case like that, we will continue to work on the campaign until success is achieved. All that matters is success, for both of us.

money back guaranteeHere’s the best part, if we don’t hit every single success metric at the end of the engagement, you get all of your money back.

Yes, you just read that correctly. This process works best if we have skin in the game.

If you’re interested in talking to us, contact us now.