Jennifer Spencer

Jennifer is a new(ish) mom and an old friend. She loves bourbon and words, and rarely feels guilty about any of her guilty pleasures.

A storyteller and connector, she's in the business of solving problems, whether that means helping a company articulate their brand through new messages and stories or helping a customer in 140 characters or less. Jennifer is always interested in helping great companies and great people find each other.

Her specialties include: creating engaging and channel-specific content, building social and content strategies from the top down, community building and management, integrating brand voice into internal and external communications, and making fluffy pancakes (really).

The Myth of the Social Media Crisis

rodents of unusual size and social media crises

“How would you handle a crisis in social media?” I was sitting across from an interviewer and had been handling the quick onslaught of questions coming at me with wit and grace, if I say so myself. I paused at this one though because, like Rodents of Unusual Size, I don’t believe crises in social […]