You Smell Desperate


Remember that guy that was totally into you? The more you ignored him the harder he tried to cling to you? There’s something similar happening when you are in the work-a-day world. If a hiring manager thinks you’re desperate, you become very unattractive. I had a terrific discussion over lunch last week with Karl Sakas, […]

Hiring, Promoting and Firing

unpublished david ogilvy

I often find great wisdom in David Ogilvy’s writing. In The Unpublished David Ogilvy he lists some guidelines for managing the inter-office talent. He is ambitious. He works harder than his peers – and enjoys it. He has a brilliant brain – inventive and unorthodox. He has an engaging personality. He demonstrates respect for the […]

SEO’s Terminal Entropy

SEO's Terminal Entropy on NewMediaLeaders

Munaz Anjum’s excellent two-part post Is SEO Dying? Yes It Is noted by our friend J. Nolfo explains the tectonic forces crushing SEO as we’ve known it. Anjum’s SEO Killers Include Mobile. Social Media. Technology. Google. Users. I would add a sixth force killing SEO – Entropy. How Entropy Creates Writing How Entropy Is Creating […]

Trust: The Currency of the New Economy


If you commuted to work today or drove on errands, you passed through an amazing social miracle several times, but I’m certain you didn’t stop to think about it even once. But you did stop. Because the “social miracle” to which I refer is the ubiquitous traffic light. Think about what happens at traffic lights […]